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Tulsa A.F. hoodies

Image of Tulsa A.F. hoodies

Sweating to the oldies? We know its not the right season but lets roll these out because Fall will be here before you know it.
Okie Camo, Embrace the Whiskey Tango in your life. Blend into the forest while chugging beers at the next festival you go to.
Keep your paws warm and your beer cold. Its always there to hold your stuff, or drugs, whatever. Super soft, bottle opener attached to pocket so you can always crack a cold one with the boiz.
This has been a TULSA A.F. TAKEOVER.

100% polyester With swanky smooth inner shell. Runs slightly small. Order a size up. or rock that 2005 emo look.

Hoodies are received from our supplier to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for item to ship. We bring the best stuff because we do it this way. Stay weird. get Gold. TAF