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Look. We need to talk south Tulsa. Sure everyone says you're great. You have the "bling factor". Everyone from there says its great. But in reality, youre just a dumpster fire with a chucky cheeses. We're sick of Mc Mansions. We need more diversity that the same strip mall every 5 miles with the same smash burger and the same game stop that won't let me trade in my new games for no money. And let me talk about the same, Lame ass, High rent apartments that all have the same popcorn ceilings and burber carpets.
Lets face it. If you refuse to go above 41st st and only go to downtown to go to woodies... well what the fuck are you doing on our site anyway. This shirts for all my downtown homies, my Mid town parents. My west side best sides and East side gangsters. Shout out to the north side for keeping it real. But seriously. South Tulsa can eat our ass. And not in a good swipe right kinda way.
Black shirts, Printed on our regular stock.