Neanderthal Moto


"How long after I order does it take to get my stuff?"

Shirts, tanks, patches, and underwear usually ship the next day, average ship time is 2-5 days. 

Blanket Rolls are currently made to order to offer a choice in stitch design. As soon as you order our shop stitches, waxes and prints each roll. Dry time takes 3-5 days and we pack and ship as soon as your new roll is ready. Most rolls arrives within 2-5 days of shipping

"How water resistant will my new roll be?" 

We have tested the rolls under strenuous drinking conditions. Will it be able to be dunked in that kiddy pool those girls are wrestling in? Sure. Will it be bone dry? Probably not. When properly rolled, our blankets will shed of light rain, foggy mornings on the bike, and your friends spraying miller highlifes in celebration after you won that back track motorcycle race.  

"How many pancakes can we eat in a single sitting?"

A lot.

"Why should we buy from Neanderthal Moto?"

We are a small company trying to spread Rad Motorcycle culture and positive mental attitude. We believe that by quitting our day jobs and working to provide you with the best Moto gear at the best price, will inspire everyone to ride after dreams.